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First Aid Courses

What the Law Says:

When there are 10 or more employees, for every group of up to 50 people in the workplace, (or in the case of a shop or an office for every group of up to 100 people), at least one person, who is in possession of a valid certificate of competency in first aid, must be readily available during normal working hours. (Extracted from the Occupational Health and Safety Act - General Safety Regulations)

Facts and Statistics:

First aid is the emergency treatment provided to the patient before the medical personnel arrive. It can be anything from giving mouth to mouth resuscitation, or to putting an ice pack on a swollen ankle. In any first aid situation the provider must remain calm and assess the emergency situation in order to take the correct form of action.
•Lack of oxygen can cause brain damage within 4 to 6 minutes.
•Losing blood is a threat, therefore one of the priorities of the first aider is to stop the bleeding.
•Be aware that shock is possible and even likely in the wake of severe injury.
•A person with neck, back, or leg injuries should not be moved except by professionals, unless it is absolutely necessary.
•Burns can result from not just heat, but chemicals as well.

Be the difference in an accident or emergency situation

If someone you know were to have an accident or suffer a medical emergency at home, in the car or at your work place on the sports field - could you help?
We operates in major towns around the country offering courses that provide the latest in first aid protocols and techniques.

Everyone should learn basic first aid techniques. You never know when you might need them - you could be at home, at work, at school or on holiday.  Whether it's a minor situation or something more serious, first aid knowledge will give you the confidence to act. You could be the difference between life and death. Deal with every day cuts and scrapes and nosebleeds. First aid advice is also available for asthma, fractures, sunburn, poisons, low blood sugar and more.  Every workplace is different so it's vital to ensure that the training your first aiders receive and the first aid kits  and equipment available to them are appropriate to your needs.

Get Experienced CPR Training and Certification

If you prefer us to host your training course, we do can host it at your premises or even at a location to better serve your need Classes must get booked any day off the week Monday to Friday and if we have to Saturdays.

It is critical to build first aid skills that enable students to respond confidently in a life threatening situation. Whether you work in the health care field, with children, an industrial environment, or simply want to know how to help someone in an emergency.

What First Aid do I need in the workplace?

Regulations in the Law makes on provision for minimum contents of a factory or home/office kit and location of kits as well as signage contained in section 3 of the General Safety Regulations (GNR 1031 of 30 May 1986)

The South African Health and Safety Regulations states that "an employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary to ensure persons at work receives prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.  This includes training of employees in first aid skills by a recognized training institution.

The Regulation makes provision that first aid facilities must be provided "Where more than five employees are employed at the work place"

First Aid Kits must be correctly placed and accessible for treatment when needed.
Level 1 First Aid Training

We provide Different Levels of  first aid training course (2 day s) and provide a certificate valid for 3 years issued by the Department of Labour.  Training can be done at our training facility in Durban or at your premises at no additional cost subject to numbers.

How Many First Aid Kits are needed?

The employer should determine the number of kits required, the type of injuries that is likely to occur, nature of activities performed and the number of employees.

The Regulation 3 Kit contains the minimum requirements for the workplace where 5 or more workers are present.

We pride ourselves on superior customer service, taking our clients
Operational requirements into consideration and providing a high
Standard of training.

All training is charged per person, and includes:
• First aid manual
• An key ring pouch/ small first aid kit
• Certificate
First aid level 1 = 2days
First aid level 1 & 2 = 3 days
Fire awareness & evacuation =1 day
Basic safety (induction) = 1 day
SHE representative = 2 days

We strive to beat any written quote on first aid ,fire and safety training and also supply first aid kits, refills and health and safety signs.
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For more information about our Courses, please contact 073 923 5631

Program Number of Days
First Aid Level 1 2 - 2½ days
First Aid Level 1 & 2 Combined 2½ - 3 days
First Aid Level 1 - 3 Combined 5 days
Fire Awareness & Evacuation 1 day
Basic Safety (Induction) 1 day
SHE Representative 2 days
Pro-Rata Rates are charged due to the amount of Candidates participating. 
Our Program
For large groups, please contact us for a special quotation : 073 923 5631